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Software-Truth Seeker (Axys Adventures)

Status: Extended Catalog Item
Isbn: 1889055492
Isbn-13: 9781889055497
UPC: 830938008072
Speedy#: 865492
CPC Super: Entertainment
CPC Primary: Game
CPC Sub: General
Author: Cactus Games
Publisher: Cactus Game Design
On Hand: 0
Case Qty: 50
Binding: Compact Disc
Price: 29.99
Due Date:
Weight lbs.: 0.3
No Picture



The Axys Adventures are an entertaining mix of mysteries, puzzles, exploration and combat. It is also a story – a story in which you are the main character, a story which you discover as you play.

In the game, you play the part of Axys – a youth who lives on Pacifico Island, which is part of an imaginary world called The Sea Lands. While Pacifico is normally a very wonderful and peaceful place, certain individuals there have been listening to lies, and as a result, the citizens will soon need your help. Taking up your sword, you must battle the malicious and willful weeds that have mysteriously appeared in Pacifico’s fertile soil. You will need your blade, your skill and your wits. But you will not be able to defeat the source of the trouble until you can challenge the lies that are behind it all.

When you have conquered the lie that has troubled Pacifico, other parts of the Sea Lands will call for your help. Penu Harbor and Tramata Village are slowly engulfed by strange troubles. Once more you must combine your skill with the sword and your ability to solve curious puzzles to bring about a confrontation with the lies that have created the problems. Dangers abound, and every new discovery buzzes with excitement. You must be careful or the Sea Lands will be doomed. But if you hold to the truth, you cannot be defeated!

Fully explorable and interactive world with over 80 areas to explore.
Stunning graphics and visual effects.
Interactive combat system.
Immersive cutscenes including a host of unique and interactive characters with superb voice acting for all in-game dialog.
20+ hours of game-play.
A 1-player adventure game for ages 7 and up.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows98/ME/2000/XP – Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz or equivalent processor – 256 MB RAM – 32 MB 3D graphics with Hardware Transform and Lightning such as NVIDIA® Geforce™ 2 clsss or above – DirectX 9.0c (included) or higher and latest video drivers – 2.4 GB available hard drive space – 4X CD-ROM drive. RECOMMENDED: Intel Pentium® IV Ghz - 512 MB RAM – 64 MB 3D Grapics cards.