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Span-10 Q & A On Magic Spells & Divination Pamphlet (Themes Of Faith)

Status: Extended Catalog Item
Isbn: 0805495290
Isbn-13: 9780805495294
Speedy#: 005968
CPC Super: Biblical Studies
CPC Primary: Reference
CPC Sub: General
Author: Themes Of Faith
Publisher: Rose Publishing
On Hand: 0
Case Qty: 1
Binding: Trade Paper
Price: 3.99
Due Date:
Weight lbs.: 0.04
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10 Questions and Answers about Magic, Spells, and Divination
Former astrologer Marcia Montenegro, who is now a Christian, answers the top 10 questions about magic, astrology, psychics, Ouija boards, and more, from a biblical perspective.

Here are the questions that youth and many adults have?
What is the occult?
Is white magick OK since it is using powers for good?
Does casting spells really work? Are Witches also Satanists?
What's the difference? Does astrology work?
Is it OK to read your horoscope just for fun?
If psychics help the police, isn't that a good way to use their gifts?
Is it OK to contact the dead? Are there really ghosts and haunted houses?
What about Ouija boards ?
What about crystals? Do they have some kind of power?