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America's Fatal Flaw (Not Available-Publisher Cancelled)
The Real Cultural Threat No One Talks About

Status: Out Of Print
Isbn: 1629995592
Isbn-13: 9781629995595
Speedy#: 144401
CPC Super: Christian Living
CPC Primary: Practical Life
CPC Sub: Social Issues
Author: McFarland Alex
Publisher: Charisma Media
On Hand: 0
Case Qty: 1
Binding: Trade Paper
Price: 17.99
Due Date:
Weight lbs.:
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This book will open my eyes to why moral absolutes are so important and how standing up for them will protect America's political, social, and spiritual spheres.

Five steps everyone can take to get involved and make a difference

"We hold these truths to be self.evident" Or do we? For decades well.meaning Christians have been fighting the culture war. Sadly it seems we're losing the fight. We have failed to defend what matters most. The real threat to our Christian faith and values is not abortion, gay marriage, terrorism, or the radical Left. Alex McFarland reveals the fatal flaw nobody's talking about: we've abandoned natural law, allowing secular culture to redefine truth and dismantle the Judeo.Christian foundation of America.

But the good news is, it's not too late! In America¡¦s Fatal Flaw you'll learn:

* Why having moral absolutes matters and what¡¦s at stake when they are removed
* What you need to teach your children in preschool, grade school, and high school to equip them to defend their faith and values
* Why Generation Z could be the last definable generation and what you need to know about them
* How to assess your choices, talents, and spiritual calling so you can be more effective

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to put a stop to the political, social, and spiritual fallout created by those who wish to remove all absolutes and pave the way for anarchy. Praying is powerful, but there¡¦s more we¡¦re called to do. Standing up for the
issues is great, but there's a deeper problem we have to solve. It's time to shore up the belief in moral, natural laws and truth before it's too late.